Reticent Hawke by Gwyn McNamee (.ePUB)

Reticent Hawke (The Hawke Family Second Generation #2) by Gwyn McNamee
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Overview: Sometimes, I wish I weren’t a Hawke…especially because I’m in love with one.Years of living on the streets taught me one hard lesson…

Don’t trust anyone.

People are inherently bad and will do bad things any chance they get.

So, when the Hawkes took me under their wings…

I put up walls so high that no one could ever climb over them.

Most stopped trying.

It was the way I liked it.

Locked away in my own little world.

Protected from anything that could hurt me.

But the very person I try so hard to keep out is the only one I want to let in.

I dream about her touch.

Crave her in a way I have no right to.

She’s my best friend’s older sister.

No matter what…I have to keep my hands off Angelina…

Because she’s a Hawke.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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