From Princess to Queen by D. E. Bartley (.ePUB)

From Princess to Queen by D. E. Bartley (Dark Hearts Mafia)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 146 kb
Overview: Ever since Gabriella was a small child, she always looked up to her big brother, and his best friend Daniel Sullivan. To young Gabby, being Daniels princess was all that mattered. He was there to pick her up when she fell off her bike. As she got older he held her when her boyfriend upset her and broke her heart when he left for Italy the night before her eighteenth birthday, never to return.

Gabriella is now twenty-two and no longer the young girl pining after her brothers best friend. Or so she thought. Until one night she bumps into Dan and realises her feelings for him may not be as dead and buried as she thought.

Daniel always had a soft spot for Gabriella, she was like a little sister to him for years until suddenly she wasn’t. But Daniel was always destined to take over the family business and when his best friend begged him to leave his princess out of his world, he reluctantly agreed. But he always kept watch from a distance until he could bare it no more. He needs her in his life like she wants him in hers.

“You deserve someone who treats you like a princess and wants to make you his queen, never settle for less.”
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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